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Cooking Workshops

It’s one thing to learn about nutrition, but an entirely new world opens up when kids get to cook meals themselves and truly understand the importance of what goes into making a wholesome meal.


Sacraspice provides intergenerational and culturally-diverse cooking workshops that teach youth how to cook their favourite meals from scratch. Our aim is to encourage students to have a healthy relationship with food––one that draws on the passing down of knowledge, stories, and skills. 


We don't believe in restricting foods. We think a healthy relationship with food stems from a comprehensive understanding of the ingredients that go into them. Students in our workshops don’t passively learn about hard-to-grasp concepts––they try their hand at creating dishes from scratch––from sushi and green Thai curry, to homemade pasta, jerk chicken, jollof, and injera––learn about each other’s cultures, and have discussions with seniors in their community around history, identity, and belonging. 


Here at Sacraspice, we believe cooking is so much more than a means of sustenance. It is a communal experience that brings people together no matter their background or age. Our workshops explore the rich history and cuisines of the countries that make up our participants’ diverse backgrounds. They take place in Neighbourhood Improvement Areas in Toronto, where food insecurity is statistically higher among BIPOC families, particularly Black and Indigenous families. We believe providing youth with lifelong cooking skills will not only allow them to live healthier, fulfilling lives, but also, help prevent the onset of diet-related illnesses. We want to see the next generation of young people take their health back into their own hands. 


Interested in hosting a workshop at your school or community centre or sponsoring a session with an in-kind or financial donation? Email us at info@sacraspice to get in touch!

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