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Co-Founders' Story 

Sacraspice is a charity founded by Crystal and Celeste Ceres, two sisters dedicated to sharing food as a form of healing, creativity and joy.


"Our late grandmother lived a full life of almost 100 years, and one of the main reasons was due to her love for food. Even in her old age, she taught us cooking and gardening skills. Though we weren’t the biggest fans of her bittermelon concoctions, it was her passion for home-cooking and growing food that impacted us. She helped us to understand how much cooking is a communal experience, and how what we eat has long-term bodily effects.

During school, we observed that many of our peers consistently depended on take-out food for lunch, so we questioned them, and realized some of them simply didn’t have their parents or guardians around to cook for them or teach them cooking skills––especially after a long day of work. We saw a need for intergenerational food education that focuses on using cooking to promote healthy long-term eating habits.


We studied Culinary Arts at George Brown College and have professional experience in foodservice, hypertension management, urban agriculture, and personal training. We have combined our passions and experiences to deliver intergenerational cooking programs that promote the transfer of food skills between youth and seniors. Our goal is for youth to understand the long-term effects of diet on their physical and mental health and to become self-sufficient by cooking for themselves and others.

Giving back to our community is a huge part of what we do, after all, Sacraspice is a combination of the words “Sacrifice” and “Spice”. We hope that through Sacraspice, other young people are encouraged to embark on their own journey of living a balanced and healthy life while giving back to those in need in the process."


- Crystal and Celeste Ceres 

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Crystal Ceres | Co-Founder

Celeste Ceres | Co-Founder

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