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Bringing Healthy Back Youth Catering Program

In the summer of 2018, Sacraspice launched a catering program that combines practical learning with outreach opportunities in the city through engaging, meaningful, and practical work sessions and excursions. The program is geared towards youth of diverse backgrounds, aged 15-19 years old, who are living in the City of Toronto’s 31 identified Neighbourhood Improvement Areas (NIAs). A group of qualifying young people living in these neighbourhoods, who have demonstrated ambition, interest in the food industry and involvement in their local community, will be selected to participate in this program.


Youth can benefit immensely from programs that play on their strengths and engage them in their local community. The goal of our catering program is to build a generation of health-conscious changemakers who will use the skills that they build to positively affect their community. In this energetic program, students will navigate their way through the culinary industry; sharpening their cooking skills and utilizing what they learn to make a direct difference in the community.


This 8 week (bi-weekly) program builds and develops the student's fundamental culinary skills. The program will begin with a five week training period that combines food theory with hands-on skill building in the kitchen. The following three weeks, students will be immersed in food production by fulfilling catering orders for community-centered clients. This comprehensive opportunity combines hands-on cooking experiences with engagement in the local culinary scene in Toronto, outreach opportunities, and food photography training.


Students will be able to properly use kitchen equipment, apply basic and intermediate methods of food preparation, demonstrate a basic understanding of nutritional concepts, cook in a timely manner for medium to large groups of people, taste and assess dishes, take photos of food, and be able to effectively estimate portions.


Please note that the application deadline has past. 

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