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Sacraspice is bringing healthy back to middle schools located in Toronto’s priority neighbourhoods. Buying takeout food on a daily basis is becoming the norm, and home cooking has taken a backseat in family homes. The need for teaching youth how to cook is ever increasing.


Sacraspice aims to fill the health literacy gaps in schools by leading hands-on cooking workshops that emphasize healthy eating. Our workshops give students the opportunity to learn how to make easy, inexpensive, and nutritious meals. By creating recipes that showcase healthy spins on kid-friendly favourites, like popcorn chicken, crispy potatoes, and flatbread pizza, the students in these workshops learn that healthy food can be tasty. 


Our workshops highlight important safety measures in the kitchen, including heat application, proper kitchen equipment use and maintenance, and meal-planning techniques. These practical cooking sessions are combined with discussions on the importance of healthy eating to help students incorporate good nutrition into their diets.  


We believe that food brings people together. We partner with other community-based agencies and use every opportunity to show students the importance of community building. To engage the local neighbourhbood of the schools we work in, we have seniors from the community join us for our cooking workshops to share their knowledge, wisdom and stories. The intergenerational approach of the workshops helps us to target social isolation while also providing the opportunity for students to build up their confidence by showing off their cooking skills to their elderly mentors.


Are you interested in having a Bringing Healthy Back workshop at your school? Contact us today.  

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